Promoting Greener Pastures

At, we know how important charity is to many of our users... In fact, a large porition of our business comes from non-profit events.  Because of this... and the simple fact that we love to make this world a better place, we make it our mission to donate 25% of our proceeds to charitable organizations every quarter.


Our primary mission focuses on creating a better world in third world countries, through the gift of cows.


When a family has a cow, every morning there's a glass of rich milk for the children to drink before heading off to school. Classes are paid with the income from the sale of milk, and there's even enough to share with the neighbors.

A good dairy cow can produce four gallons of milk a day - enough for a family to drink and share with neighbors. Milk protein transforms sick, malnourished children into healthy boys and girls. The sale of surplus milk earns money for school fees, medicine, clothing and home improvements.

Better still, every gift multiplies, as the cow's first offspring is passed on to another family-then they also agree to pass on a cow, and so on.

And because a healthy cow can produce a calf every year, every gift will be passed on and eventually help an entire community move from poverty to self reliance. Now that's a gift worth giving!

To learn more about how cows can save the world, visit one of the sites below:


Furthermore.... if your event is being run as a charity event, with ALL funds raised going to a registered 501 3 (c) charity, contact us, and we will donate that 25% collected to YOUR charity!