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Our EventCow.org Desktop software provides you with all of the tools you need to successfully manage a race... and we give you the tools.


We also know you may not always have internet access available. When that happens, you need to be able to take your work offline... Say for example, you are hosting a 5K race and you need to run registration of new runners on the day of; but find yourself deep in the wilderness devoid of readily available internet.  EventCow.org has your back; with our complete powerful desktop event hosting software.


The software will allow you to register new runners, manage sponsors, volunteers, and event time and post results for races.


Additionally, we know that for large events, working from one screen on a computer just isn't feasible.  Becuase of this, we built in an integrated web system, so that anyone on your local network will have access to a powerful web front end.  This means that you can have multiple computers, all working off of the same list of participants; and registering runners with the central localized database... did we mention NO INTERNET IS REQUIRED.


Again, this is a piece of powerful event software for event managements.  Because we're EventCow.org, and thats how we do it. Go ahead and give it a try, by downloading our free trial now.

**The free trial is limited to 20 registrations -- which would be enough to allow you to demo functionality and all features.

How To: How to use multiple computers with Event Cow Desktop for Timing and Registration..

How To: Timing and Get Results using Event Cow (Video)


FAQ: Event Cow Desktop doesn't open on my PC!

Answer: Try running the software as administrator. (Right Click->Run As Administrator)



  • Windows XP, 7, 8 (OSX Coming Soon)
  • Complete Race Management System
  • Automatically Sync's with Online Registrations
  • Time Multiple Race Divisions
  • Supports Team Scoring
  • Manual Registration System
  • Web Interface for Distributed Registrations
  • E-Mail Notification System
  • Volunteer and Sponsor Management
  • T-Shirt Inventory System
  • Much More!




So... what are you waiting for exactly? It is powerful and affordable, do we need to say more?


To get the most out of the system, make sure to use our also free to use, Online Event Registration and Results system.